Our story starts a long time ago, in 2017(#sarcasm)
I always wanted to start my own business since ı was a kid. I like to draw creative things. I started to make digital designs when ı got my first computer.
I always thought I would use these logos for my company or business in the future. ?
When in my college years ı start to make some freelance jobs and some other online business to make some money for my future projects.
I always want to start a Fashion business.
The fashion industry is known as a very competitive industry. I thought ı should start it anyway. This is the right business that lets me show my creativity. I love to make things. I’d love to see my designs on the t-shirts, leggings .etc.So I have started to work immediately.
The first ı need the business name and logo. Name selection was a frustrating, overwhelming, and exhausting experience. After ı found my business’ name(Vosenta).I start to designs Vosenta Logo.
It should be perfect. It should represent my style, my philosophy,  and my creativity. It took to much time.
Then ı did the research for the US-based apparel Manufacturers. Then I started to make my first leggings designs and list them on Amazon.
Starting a business brings a lot of problems. I had to deal with those problems. And ı didn’t have much time to work on marketing. I have got an e-mail from Amazon a few weeks later. It said “Congratulations! You just sold an item on Amazon!”
This made me so happy. I’ve been in the e-commerce business for a long time. I get a lot of emails like this. But this one was different.
For the first time, I’ve sold my “OWN” product. It was the best day of my life.
After a few sales. I thought ı should open my own website to sell my apparel. Because I needed more flexibility.
And then ı started to build my website. When you start a  business and don’t have enough money you should do so many things by yourself. Luckily I had a lot of experience in creating a website.
Now ı opening an Etsy shop. I am very excited about it. I think this is the best platform will for my products.
For now, everything’s going well. Thanks to all customers and followers for their trust and support! Also big thanks to freelancers, designers, and marketing experts that helped Vosenta to grow. We feel privileged to have you around us.
Our story is just beginning. We have a long way to go. So let’s write this story together.
Vosenta® – Creativity In Mind, Originality In Style

Merwan Metini

Graphic designer , Entrepreneur and founder of Vosenta®.